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Restore trust by controlling the dirtiest: bed bugs.

The protocol for best-in-class cleanliness and safety. With it, you show you have everything under control.

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Le Pigalle, Paris
a Valpas member hotel

We get it - you wish you didn’t have to talk about bed bugs.

Bed bugs are embarrassing. An incident can feel like being caught with your pants down in the middle of a Michelin inspection. Guests feel even worse: ashamed of maybe carrying them into your rooms, and fearful of carrying them home. They are the most uncontrollable hygiene problem in hospitality. This is horrible, and it deserves to be fixed.

With Valpas, we’ve done just that. It’s hospitality safe from bed bugs.

Get your own Valpas Protocol member label

Join the Valpas Protocol, and get your own label so prospective customers see you do not compromise on cleanliness and safety. A hotel clean from bed bugs can be trusted to have everything else under control, too. It’s the sign for best-in-class hygiene.

It starts with bed bugs that find their way into your hotel

Bed bugs travel into your rooms inside any guest luggage. Inside, they crawl towards your sleeping guests to attack them. They are tiny, and nobody notices them before they infest. The good part: there are only a few bed bugs in the beginning.

Our smart bed legs stop bed bugs before any harm

Unlike regular rooms that get infested, Valpas’ smart bed legs capture the first few bed bugs before infestations. You keep your guests and rooms always safe. Installed under any bed quicker than a check-in. The cleanest hotel bed there is, by Valpas.

You are in control – get a notification for every prevented incident

Once the recently arrived bed bugs are captured inside Valpas smart legs, your staff gets an email notification: “Room 203 – prevented incident”. The legs can then be easily emptied by your housekeepers during cleaning. That’s it, problem avoided. You are always in control.

Stay clean 24/7, don’t lose your reputation

With bed bugs, you and guests never know if they are inside rooms. That’s history. Log in to the Valpas web app, and see how your rooms are clean in real time, 24/7. No integrations to WIFI or IT systems needed. You avoid priceless reputation and refurbishing losses.

Contact-free technology that works – no pesticides

With Valpas, you don’t need pest control inspections and the use of pesticides inside rooms. Valpas is eco-friendly and works on its own for a contact-free guest experience. Instead, you free up your staff’s valuable time to clean and sanitise rooms for other viruses they can control.

Higher direct booking rates and OTA ratings by up to 35 %

Bed bugs can cost €1000s to guests. With Valpas, you eliminate this risk for guests too and reassure their hygiene concerns. Guests know they can stay and return home clean and safe. You start making better business within days of signing up.

“Travelers are more and more anxious about bed bugs. With Valpas, we increase our guest experience by communicating that at the F6 you can stay carefree, before even booking a room.”

Roni Saari, Owner of Hotel F6, Helsinki

“This new innovative technology is protecting our hotel and our reputation for the future. The system is very efficient and Valpas is a proactive company always ready to help!”

Rita Nouvel, Co-owner of Hotel Keppler, Paris

“I was really surprised how easy Valpas was to install and use—it’s nothing like the tech we normally have. When we have groups that visit, I tell them about our Valpas system. Sometimes they think I'm joking, because it just sounds too good to be true.”

Henrik Lind, Owner of Hotel Royal, #1 in Gothenburg

“The team are real professionals and make your life easier. I recommend Valpas to everyone in the hospitality industry.”

Julien Tisle, GM of Hotel Parc St. Severin, Paris

Every Valpas member hotelier is a change agent for thoughtful travel.

We exist to help you take visibly the greatest care of the wellbeing and safety of your guests and others. We help you become a change agent for thoughtful travel. With Valpas, you advance a cleaner and more sustainable travel industry. Without compromise.

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