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Explore Valpas partner hotels around Europe and find one that suits your needs. Pick a hotel and book through their website for the best rates and service.

Zurich, Switzerland

Hotel Helmhaus

Hotel Helmhaus has a long history of providing the finest guest experience: this centrally located hotel has been serving guests for more than 650 years. While built on ancient foundations, today the 4-star hotel is an example of modern design within a traditional building.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel Aalders

Hotel Aalders has been owned and run by the Aalders family for four generations, opening its doors for business in 1955. A jewel of the family that has been passed down to each new generation since its inception, this hotel knows what it takes to provide authentic, quality service to its guests.

Copenhagen, Denmark

71 Nyhavn

71 Nyhavn is a unique boutique hotel based in two beautifully preserved warehouses in the heart of Copenhagen.

Paris, France

Hotel La Nouvelle République

Hotel La Nouvelle République is elegant, classically modern, safe, and dedicated to giving you an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Bank Hotel

The Bank offers numerous boarding options, from small, one-person dwellings to top-floor penthouse suites with a beautiful view of the city.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel Misc eatdrinksleep

Misc eatdrinksleep is homey, cozy, and organic. It evokes a familiar feeling with its white walls, draperies, framed mirrors, and bright colors - a place that you don’t have to adjust to, because the hotel adjusts to you.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel Heye 130

Located on Jan Pieter Heijestraat 130 in the heart of the Oud-West district of Amsterdam, the Heye 130 delights in being situated within one of the more local areas of the city.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel Fita

Hotel Fita is located in the heart of Amsterdam. With Vondelpark and Museum Square on either side, guests can find something great to do in every direction, whether it’s shopping, admiring the scenery, going for a walk, or visiting a museum.

Munich, Germany

Hotel Eder

Hotel Eder embodies German tradition, with a delicious breakfast buffet, interiors with wooden panels and a lovely garden.

Munich, Germany

Marc Munchen

Hotel Marc is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Munich. In addition to cozy interior and soundproofed rooms, this hotel is for adults only, so relaxation is guaranteed.

Paris, France

Le Pigalle

In Le Pigalle hotel you’ll feel the moody, smokey, grittiness of a Paris long gone without losing the modern amenities and comfort you’re looking for in a place to lay your head.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Hendrick's hotel

The Hendricks boutique hotel in Amsterdam is certainly unique in its design, atmosphere, and hospitality methodology. From the outside, The Hendricks stands tall and beautiful, its 17th-century canal house facade standing imposingly, built with blackish brick, along IJ waterway at Prins Hedrikkade number 139.

Paris, France

Hotel du Jeu de Paume

Hôtel du Jeu de Paume combines the comforts of home with Parisian chic. Located along the Ile St. Louise, a street with almost country-like feel, Hôtel du Jeu de Paume can be found tucked away in often overlooked part of Paris.

Paris, France

Hotel Keppler

At Hotel Keppler you can discover Paris at its most romantic and cosmopolitan, as its location on a quiet street a stone's throw away from the most romantic neighborhood is ideal for exploring the city.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is one of Gothenburg’s historical landmarks. It was built already in 1852 which makes it the city’s oldest hotel.

Porvoo, Finland

Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa

It’s no wonder Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa tempts thousands of visitors every year. There is everything one would expect for a lovely weekend getaway or an inspirational conference. The surrounding nature is picturesque; the hotel is located on the seas edge, yet in the centre of a scenic park.

Helsinki, Finland

Hotel Helka

Hotel Helka is a forward-looking hotel that isn’t afraid of reforming. The perfect location right in the centre of Helsinki and great atmosphere make them want to visit year after another.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Santa Claus Holiday Village

Santa Claus Holiday Village feels warm and welcoming. Even though they have more than 100 rooms, the staff intends to get to know all of their guests personally. Guests aren’t just guests but their friends.

Malmö, Sweden

Hotel Duxiana

Hotel Duxiana is equipped head to toe with beautiful furniture built in collaboration with DUX and various Nordic designers. Still, rooms are personal and different, all in their own way 

Espoo, Finland

Hotel Hanaholmen

Hotel Hanasaari is definitely unique. Right after stepping in, the beautiful modernist lobby and wine bar of Hanaholmen catch the visitor’s attention. It’s truly a Nordic experience to stay at the hotel with design, art and the surrounding nature. Acclaimed locally sourced food. The atmosphere and all the details.

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