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We introduce you to hotels where you stay safe from bed bugs 

Forget being attacked by bed bugs, or stressful precautions like checking hotel beds. Simply choose a Valpas hotel that is protected from bed bugs for your stay and relax. 

All hotels are hand-picked, unique and loved by guests! These hotels have totally got your back. 

Patented technology of smart  bed legs that capture bed bugs upon detection 

Bed bugs are real-life vampires - human blood is the only thing they eat.


When there’s a still human body present in the hotel room, bed bugs start moving towards it attracted by the emitted Co2; when not, they just like to sit still in cool and dark places. 


Valpas’ technology capitalizes on the natural behavior of bed bugs. They are designed to capture introduced new bed bugs on their way to sleeping guests early enough before they cause harm. 

For the good of people, places and the planet

We are on a mission to advance thoughtful travel; travel that has without compromise the best in mind for people, places and the planet.


Our hotels act as change agents for safer and more responsible travel. The more hotels join the Valpas hotels family, the safer global travel becomes for people as fewer bed bugs circulate around.