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Since we joined in 2017, Valpas Hotels technology has prevented all incidents in our hotel."

Elli Suutarinen
Hotel Manager of Hotel F6, Finland’s #1 hotel on Tripadvisor

Hotel F6 is a guests’ favourite and ranks #1 on Tripadvisor for the whole of Finland. This lovely, family-owned boutique hotel is known for its amazing service, spacious rooms and Helsinki's best breakfast.

Valpas Hotels Technology in numbers

Valpas System active

2 years

Protected hotel nights

300 K

Prevented incidents


Valpas technology works by combining the industry standard pitfall trap with latest technology and bioengineered design. When there’s a still human body present in the room, bed bugs start to move towards and around it during the night.

Valpas’ smart bed legs capture introduced bed bugs on their way to or from the bed before they cause harm. It's a proven method that is updated to the 21st century to tackle the most unpleasant surprise during your hotel stay.

1. Smart bed legs located in the most probable routes to the bed.

2. Wireless Bluetooth technology monitors the room status in realtime 24/7.

3. The special dark and porous coating originally developed for NASA activates the natural behaviour of bed bugs and lures them from the floor and the bed.

4. Optimized slippery inner surface assures that bugs are caught inside the leg and can't climb back up.

5. Highly sensitive detection algorithm recognizes bugs inside the removable IoT-module.


Wireless Bluetooth technology

Industry standard pitfall trap

Standard bed leg installation

Notifications and room status 24/7

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