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The first and only way to make your hotel safe of bed bugs.

Science meets bioengineering and Nordic design.

Bed bugs are real life vampires - human blood is the only thing they eat. When there’s a still human body present in the room - like a sleeping guest - bed bugs start moving towards it attracted by the emitted Co2; when not, they just like to sit still in cool and dark places

Valpas’ design bed legs capitalize this natural behavior of bed bugs. They are designed to capture introduced new bed bugs on their way to sleeping guests early enough, before they cause harm. All with a sleek Nordic elegance that blends in seamlessly into your hotel room.

The easiest piece of hotel technology you’ve ever installed.

1. Replace all existing bed legs or casters from your beds with Valpas design bed legs. Legs come at various heights and can be attached to bed frames worldwide.

2. Download the Valpas App available at Apple App Store and Android Stores and scan the QR code on each Valpas design bed leg. Each leg is assigned to their respective room.

3. Plug the Valpas gateway into an internet source. After that, all legs connect online automatically and rooms can be viewed in real time from the Valpas dashboard, without any need for integrations with existing IT systems.

Like having an additional housekeeper on duty in every room, around the clock.

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