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A network of thoughtful hotels where you stay safe of bed bugs.

No one likes the idea of picking up bed bugs from one’s travels.

Valpas is the first and only company in the world that introduces you to thoughtful hotels where you stay safe of gnarly bed bugs.

Newest Valpas Hotel cities

Meet your new hero hotels.

Forget being attacked by bed bugs, or stressful precautions like checking hotel beds. Simply choose a Valpas Hotel for your stay and relax. These hotels have totally got your back.

As a hotelier, you keep up with the rising expectations of your guests and safeguard your reputation. Smart hoteliers join Valpas Hotels and equip their rooms with our service of design bed legs that stop bed bugs.

We collaborate with the most thoughtful hotels around the world. Become a hero for today’s travellers and request an intro today.

Do you know an amazing hotel? Or maybe stay at a favorite one frequently?

Recommend access to your go-to hotel and win a complimentary stay at a Valpas Hotel.

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