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  • Emilia Jaakkola

The Hôtel La Nouvelle République Gives Guests a Classic Hospitality Experience

Welcome to the gem of Belleville, Hôtel La Nouvelle République!

Located on Rue Oberkampf in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the Hôtel La Nouvelle République can be identified by its white, baroque facade accented by blue signs displaying the hotel’s name. At street level, the building transitions from white to a marbled, glossy brown. From the outside, the building appears exactly as it would have over one-hundred years ago -- it is the embodiment of Parisian elegance. On the inside, though, an entirely new experience awaits guests, one that seeks to blend the new with the old.

First, there’s the design. The mood in the Hôtel La Nouvelle République is dark and elegant. The yellowish lighting and copper fixtures gives the lobby and café a sepia tone, and the decor consists of household relics from 20th-century Paris and flourishing plants. From the moment you enter this hotel, it becomes apparent you’re in for a unique experience.

This is because the goal of the establishment is to revive traditional European hospitality. Rather than following the “serve yourself” trend of most hotels nowadays, the Hôtel La Nouvelle République prides itself on being there for every one of its guests’ needs. Service is at the core of this hotel’s mission, and in the eyes of the Hôtel La Nouvelle République’s management, service is a concept that spans beyond mere person-to-person interaction.

In order to provide excellent hospitality in all facets of a guest’s experience, the Hôtel La Nouvelle République considers both human and material interactions.

New and old are seamlessly blended in Hotel Nouvelle Republique's room decor.

Porous and breathable clay has many benefits for guests.

While meeting traditional service needs by serving a delicious breakfast every morning and coffee and tea throughout the day (all included in the price of a room), the management has even considered the material of the walls of the hotel, which have been built using a unique type of yellow clay. This has many benefits for guests, including sound proofing, temperature regulation, and air circulation, since clay is porous and breathable. The choice to build the walls of the Hôtel La Nouvelle République with clay shows the level of detail considered when crafting an unforgettable guest experience.

A delicious breakfast is served for all hotel guests free of charge.

Another way this hotel ensures guest’s receive top-tier hospitality is through its partnership with Valpas. Since partnering with Valpas, the Hôtel La Nouvelle République has been outfitted to prevent bed bugs now and in the future, something that cannot be said for other, unprepared hotels in Paris. To do this, Valpas makes use of their groundbreaking, patented technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard. This means that when guests stay here, they can sleep easy and without worry -- all that’s required of guests is to relax and enjoy their stay at this classic Parisian hotel.

Consider the Hôtel La Nouvelle République for your next trip if you’d like to stay somewhere elegant, classically modern, safe, and dedicated to giving you an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

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