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  • Emilia Jaakkola

Join a Community of Quality at the COQ Hotel

Located at 15 Rue Edouard Manet, the COQ Hotel stands tall and white. Passersby can see into the big glass windows that span the majority of the building’s ground floor. At night, the flourishes on its elaborate facade are emphasized by small light fixtures that illuminate the walls. On first glance, it’s easy to tell this hotel embraces the adage: “work hard, play hard.” So much so, in fact, that each day’s itinerary is broken down according to the modern work day: wake up, breakfast, work, after work, and relaxation.

In the first part of the day, guests can wake up in a clean, bohemian-style room before enjoying full, Parisian breakfast and brunch in their room or down in the hotel dining room. When it comes time for the workday, guests can get down to business in one of the hotel’s many nooks and workspaces (or, should a meeting be elsewhere in the city, come back for a nap in their cool, relaxing room). At the end of the day, the COQ staff is prepared with cold drinks as a toast to yet another successful day. And, as the night comes alive, guests are encouraged to get out and enjoy the Parisian night, or to invite their guests back to the hotel, where every little need or want has already been considered and taken care of.

But whether you’re a worker or simply travelling for pleasure, the COQ Hotel (short for “Community of Quality”) is sure to provide a smooth, classy, and enjoyable stay in beautiful Paris. To ensure their establishment continues to be one of the best, the COQ Hotel has partnered with Valpas, a travel startup who has created a product that protects hotels from bed bugs, to ensure their guests sleep well and without worry. Valpas ensures the COQ Hotel is safe of bed bugs now and in the future using their groundbreaking preventative technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard. This is something that can’t be said for most hotels in Paris.

So, come to the COQ Hotel for work or for play (or both). Whatever your needs are, this Community of Quality welcomes you into their quaint, modern space, and they’ll do everything in their power to ensure you leave this place happy.

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