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  • Emilia Jaakkola

Hotel Adler Zürich: A Traditional Getaway in the Heart of Old Town Zurich

As you arrive in Zurich, Switzerland, you’re sure to be struck by the historical beauty of this traditional Swiss city by the lake. The old colored, wooden shutters of the uniquely designed buildings, the narrow and crooked alleyways, and the tall Church towers all attribute to the romantic nostalgia of this European city, a feeling that won’t be lost on you as you become accustomed to your new surroundings.

Surely, as you make your way to your temporary residence, you’ll want to stay amidst this scenery, not venture into the more modern sectors of the city. The Hotel Adler Zürich permits you to do just that, being centrally located on a quiet corner in the midst of old town Zurich.

Inside the hotel, the nostalgic theme persists as you’re warmly greeted by the hotel’s local and attendant staff. The interior design is cozy and natural, with exposed wooden beams showing on the uneven, stuccoed white walls and ceiling. What’s more, each of the comfortable rooms features a mural depicting scenes from the city, a tribute to Swiss animal and landscape painter Rudolf Koller, who long ago made sketches using the hotel’s walls as his canvas.

To make sure you sleep soundly after a long day and night on the town, the hotel has double glazed windows and a self-regulating  air conditioning. They have also partnered with Valpas, the only company in the world that allows people to travel without bed bugs to ensure their guests sleep well and without worry in the Hotel Adler Zürich’s classically designed rooms. Valpas ensures the hotel is safe of bed bugs now and in the future using their groundbreaking preventative technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard.

The advantages of staying at the Hotel Adler Zürich are many, but its greatest feature is that it allows you to maintain the feeling of tradition and nostalgia you’ll feel when exploring this historic city. Whether you’re out and about or taking some rest in your room, you’ll always feel the Swiss history around you, an experience only the historic Hotel Adler Zürich can provide.

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