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  • Emilia Jaakkola

Enjoy Generous, Traditional, and Personalized Hospitality at The Hendricks Hotel

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Let's take a tour at one of guests' favorites in Amsterdam!

For a hotel with a self-proclaimed “mischievous charm,” The Hendricks boutique hotel in Amsterdam is certainly unique in its design, atmosphere, and hospitality methodology. From the outside, The Hendricks stands tall and beautiful, its 17th-century canal house facade standing imposingly, built with blackish brick, along IJ waterway at Prins Hedrikkade number 139.

The location is convenient and historical, and the view over the IJ canal is spectacular. This hotel doesn’t shy away from its Dutch character in favor of foreign tourists. Instead, The Hendricks’ embraces the generous, open atmosphere of the city, and makes sure guests know that they have arrived somewhere they can call home.

Inside, this hotel is truly breathtaking. The design is modern, yet historical. In the 25 rooms, guests are met with candle holders, plush chairs, ornate carpets, moody lighting, and grand paintings. And each part of the hotel seems to offer something different when it comes to the theme of the interior design. In some places, the mood is studious and historical, while in others, the mood is fun and colorful. The management describes this style as inspired by trade, travel, and romance as influenced by the life of Prince Hendrick of The Netherlands.

Aside from being conveniently placed just a stone’s throw away from all the major centers of Amsterdam, The Hendricks hotel offers guests a slew of great amenities including premium Rituals soaps and lotions, soft bathrobes, rain showers, and Nespresso machines.

Furthermore, the hotel has ensured their guests can sleep with peace of mind by partnering with Valpas. Valpas ensures the hotel is safe of bed bugs now and in the future using their groundbreaking preventative technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard. In short, The Hendricks has thought of every contingency when it comes to providing an amazing experience for their guests.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam soon, consider The Hendricks hotel for a personal, generous, and boutique-style stay in this mischievous and gorgeous little city. The staff, atmosphere, comfy (and safe) beds, and homey atmosphere are sure to make this a stay you won’t forget any time soon.

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