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  • Emilia Jaakkola

Enjoy Exclusivity and Luxury at the Hotel Dupond-Smith in Paris

Located in the heart of the Marais Quarter in Paris, France, the Hotel Dupond-Smith is a sleek, modern refuge from the busy streets of Paris known only to those seeking this unique, hushed space. Its interior is an example of only the best in interior design, where sharp edges, smooth curves, and contrasting colors come together to create a truly exclusive and executive feel. The hotel brands itself as a confidential space, and it’s true: When you arrive, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of a select club shielded from the eyes of inquisitive outsiders. This is your space, and the management is there to serve you.

Each room at the Hotel Dupond-Smith maintains the chic design found in the hotel’s common areas. The rooms are exquisitely minimal, while still giving guests everything they need for a pleasant stay. To ensure the guest experience is nothing short of spectacular from start to finish, the Hotel Dupond-Smith has partnered with Valpas, a travel startup who has created a product that protects hotels from bed bugs, to ensure their guests sleep well and without worry. Valpas ensures the Hotel Dupond-Smith is safe of bed bugs now and in the future using their groundbreaking preventative technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard.

Go somewhere with class, subtlety, and taste. Go to the Hotel Dupond-Smith. You’re in Paris, after all. Why settle for anything less?

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