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  • Emilia Jaakkola

Body Full of Bed Bug Bite Marks Is Going Viral – Today This Nightmare Could be Prevented

As people travel more, bed bugs increase rapidly worldwide and can tag along anyone from nearly anywhere. Here’s an extreme scenario: a Brazilian model goes to a fancy hotel, wakes up covered in bed bug bites and sues the hotel. 

News about Brazilian model Sabrina Jales St Pierre suing Embassy Suites by Hilton Palm Desert in California has spread widely. St Pierre claims her room was infested with bed bugs that left her body covered in bites. She has had “nightmares about the experience” and continues to experience “psychological trauma and fear of bed bugs today”.

Let’s face it: it sucks to be a bed-bug-bitten model whose work and career is dependent on appearances. Traveling all the time for work and staying at hotels makes one especially exposed for bed bug encounters. Still, falling a victim of one can in reality surprise and leave a permanent negative experience to anyone.

Everybody understands the viewpoint of the model. But how about the hotel? Imagine being the housekeeper who finds bed bugs from the hotel room. He is probably disappointed and startled, followed by panic. In the worst-case scenario, nobody notices the bugs until it’s too late and the guest brings those pesky parasites home.

"How could have this happened on my watch?"

Then there is you. Like most travelers, you probably don’t know that encountering bed bugs can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s possible that you don’t have any idea what bed bugs are or don’t care about them because you think they won’t affect your life. If you are as unlucky as the model, you already have bumped into these gnarly bugs.

We know that getting bed bugs is nobody’s fault. In Embassy Suites’ case the hotel did everything by the book: they investigated the room for bed bugs the day the incident occurred and called an outside pest control company to perform an inspection and no evidence of bed bugs was found. The model on the other hand was the unlucky traveler who went to a great hotel and didn’t expect to find bed bugs.

Valpas exists so that people wouldn’t have to pick up the losing ticket in the bed bug lottery. Like the attorney of the model has said: we need to be proactive about pests, not reactive. And that’s exactly what we at Valpas do. We advance happier travel with the first autonomous bed bug prevention system that lets people travel carefree from bed bug anxiety at exciting hotels around the world.

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