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Protect your hotel from bed bugs with Valpas technology

We keep hotel operations preventively safe with patented technology so you can focus on things that matter.

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2 years

Protected hotel nights

300 K

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We work with the best hotels


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Guests prefer hotels safe from bed bugs

97% of guests have a preference to stay in a Valpas Hotel for their next travel destination, should one be available in their location. 71% had a very high preference.


Used by the most trustworthy hoteliers in the world

"We belong to Valpas Hotels because we care about our customers. It's a win-win – both for the hotel and our customers."

Roni Saari
Owner and General Manager of Hotel F6, Finland’s #1 hotel on Tripadvisor

Hotel F6 is a guests’ favourite and ranks #1 on Tripadvisor for the whole of Finland. This lovely, family-owned boutique hotel is known for its amazing service, spacious rooms and Helsinki's best breakfast.

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Download the complete guide to protecting your hotel from bed bugs

Bed bugs are becoming more common​ in both Europe and North America as a result of increasing international travel and resistance to pesticides.

Any hotel is at risk​ of getting them from travelers, even five-star hotels. A single case of bed bugs can ruin your guest’s experience, have big economic consequences and damage your hotel’s online reputation.

At Valpas, we provide preventive technology to top-tier hotels around Europe to stop bed bugs before they cause any harm. ​This free guide contains the key insights that we have gathered over the years.

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