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Exterminating bed bugs

What happens during an extermination?

Step 1 - Inspection and cleaning

First, the room where bed bugs have been identified is inspected to find out the extent of the infestation. Then it is cleaned up, anything that can be removed (such as bedding, linens or curtains) are taken away in plastic bags and washed in a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit) which will kill bed bugs and their eggs. Sometimes the bed mattress and the bed itself need to be replaced. Replacement depends on the level of infestation in the bed. Infested beds are difficult to salvage, but more high end beds might be worth it. All furniture needs to be thoroughly treated or removed to eliminate the possibility of a new infestation.


Step 2 - Treatment

Next, the treatment with pesticide poisons or heat is performed. A single room treatment takes around a working day and can cost up to €1,000, after which it is inspected and determined if another treatment is necessary. 


Step 3 - Post-treatment

If you kept your mattress after the treatment, it is possible to encase it in bed bug proof mattress cover that prevents any surviving bed bugs from escaping as well as new ones from getting into it. Any cracks in the walls where surviving bed bugs may be hiding should be repaired and sealed.


Step 4 - Monitoring

No treatment is 100% reliable and the room must be monitored carefully after the treatment to make sure there are no surviving bed bugs. Bed bugs can reappear even some months after the treatment.

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