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Identifying bed bugs

What are the signs of bed bugs?

Besides visual proof of living bed bugs, there are three common signs that you can spot with your own eyes: bed bug bites, feces marks, and bloodstains. It sounds quite disgusting, but learning to identify these could help you prevent an even bigger problem.


Bed bug bites have commonly a dark red center surrounded by a lighter red area, come in rows of several bites, leave the skin itchier in comparison to regular mosquito bites and, at worst, cause severe rashes requiring professional care. Bites can show up to seven days after a person is bitten, and some people are completely immune to them. That’s why it’s hard to find the roots of a bed bug infestation by analyzing only bites. This also means that if a guest complains about bed bug bites it’s not necessarily from your hotel, but it can be hard to prove.


The two remaining signs - bed bug feces and blood stains - help identify a bed bug infestation. Bed bug feces are tightly-knit black spots bed bugs leave after feeding, while blood stains are the result of bleeding bed bug bites. Look for both in the bedsheets, mattress, pillow, bed frame and the surroundings of the bed like floor corners. Once these signs are visually noticeable, the original population has already been in the room for quite some time and developed into an infestation of 20+ bed bugs. At this point, you have to call in a professional exterminator to treat the room.

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