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Preventing bed bugs

How to detect bed bugs early?

Based on the insights of how bed bugs behave, lab research and various experiments in real environments, we have developed the first autonomous system which attracts, traps and detects bed bugs and is designed specifically for hotel environments. 

Imagine that you were able to monitor all your hotel rooms 24/7 without any manual inspections, like a smart alarm for bed bugs. That’s Valpas.

By studying how bed bugs move in a room and the needs of hoteliers, we developed a bed bug pitfall trap that is completely hidden inside bed legs. It has no pesticides and uses the human itself as the lure. This means it’s environmentally friendly, safe to use for humans and completely maintenance-free.

If as little as a single bed bug is introduced in the hotel room, it will be captured within hours when it moves towards the sleeping person. Normally, it takes at least two weeks to notice. At the same time, you will receive a private email notification and are able to check the room before any guest is affected and an infestation develops.

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