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Exterminating bed bugs

How to choose the best extermination method?

When getting rid of bed bugs in your hotel you have two main choices between heat or pesticides treatments. In addition to choosing the method it is always recommended to contract an experienced company to minimize the probability of having to treat the room multiple times.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment is generally considered better, although slightly more expensive. The treatment works by heating the entire room and blowing hot air at furniture to kill bed bugs with high temperatures. It eliminates the problems with fewer treatments and the room can be immediately occupied after the first treatment. However, certain materials like laminates, glues, or plastics that might be a part of the interior design do not withstand the 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) heat and can make heat treatments a non-viable option.


Pesticide treatment

Pesticides are a more common way to treat bed bugs due to its low price. Some issues should be considered before using pesticide treatment. 


After the treatment the room must be unvacated from half a day to several days depending on the pesticides used. During this time it is recommended that the room is not occupied by any guests. The effectiveness of the treatment is only revealed after a few weeks as the pesticides can take a long time to kill the bed bugs.


The worse the infestation, the more unlikely it is that pesticides work on the first treatment. Sometimes the infestation has to be treated up to five times before it is eliminated. Combining this with the unvacated period after treatments this can leave your hotel room unoccupied for a long time.


To effectively apply the pesticide the exterminator must have access to all places bed bugs might hide in. Depending on the room, this can include obvious places like behind the head board, or less obvious places like cracks or holes in the floor and wall. Some interior designs or fixed furniture can make pesticide based extermination more difficult.

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