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Protect your hotel's reputation.

Valpas technology stops bed bugs before they cause harm.

Together with our brand that travelers trust, your hotel gets more and happier guests. 

Innovative technology

Protect your reputation by stopping bed bugs in rooms before they cause any harm to your hotel and guests.

Website label

Increase your revenue with direct bookings and get happier guests by showing that you are a caring hotel.

Hotel listing

Join our collection of the most thoughtful hotels to reach a growing segment of conscious travelers.

Patented technology that stops bed bugs

Our smart design bed legs detect and capture bed bugs before they cause any harm.

Increase your revenue with happier guests

Hotel guests feel more safe and comfortable in hotels that use Valpas.

"Since we started using Valpas technology in 2017, it has prevented all incidents in our hotel."

Elli Suutarinen, General Manager at Hotel F6

Finland's #1 hotel on TripAdvisor

Trusted by some of the best hotels in Europe.


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