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Guests prefer hotels safe from bed bugs

97% of guests have a preference to stay in a Valpas hotel for their next travel destination, should one be available in their location. 

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Increase direct bookings

Introduce your guests to the benefits of being part of Valpas Hotels and build trust with our website label.


We customise the label and content for your own website and social media channels.

Showing that you are a Valpas hotel increases direct bookings on your own sales channels.


* The organic conversion rate is sanitized to 5% in order to not share partner hotels’ real conversion rates.

According to website data from a partner hotel in February 2019, visitors who saw the Valpas label were 35% more likely to book a room.

In practice, with an average room price of 250 € and length of stay of 3 nights, for 1000 people who click the Valpas banner the hotel’s revenue is increased by 10,000 €.

Trusted by some of the best hotels in Europe


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The world's first fully autonomous preventive system for bed bugs

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