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Valpas becomes a member of the well-known sustainability network Barcelona + Sostenible

Valpas has joined Barcelona + Sostenible, a network of organisations committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability in Barcelona. Together with more than 1,000 organisations committed to the mutual goal, Valpas will contribute to the following three areas: environmental quality and health, efficient, productive and zero emission city, and wise use of resources. 


Bed bugs are a growing global problem and well-known especially in cities with high tourist volumes. Hotels are at the center of the rising bed bug problem as bed bugs spread rapidly inside them from one guest to another into homes and apartments. 


Hotels belonging to the Valpas members network contribute directly to a more sustainable city of Barcelona and a safer travel destination because bed bugs stop at the hotel upon entering. As a consequence, bed bugs do not spread outside the hotel, and harmful pesticide use and unnecessary furniture waste is avoided - both at the hotel as well as guests' homes. The more hotels adopt a technology like Valpas', the less bed bugs circulate.


”We are very happy to join the Barcelona + Sostenible initiative of the Barcelona City Council. We believe strong communities to be key for transformational change. Barcelona + Sostenible together with all its members are doing just that in advancing more sustainable practices across the whole city and ultimately, creating a better living and travel experience long-term. We hope other cities would follow Barcelona’s lead here, too.”, comments Valpas’ CEO Martim Gois. 


With patented new technology and a trusted brand, Valpas makes hotels preventively safe from bed bugs and then enable travelers to recognize them from the ”Valpas member” branding and from their website

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Valpas is the only company in the world that enables people to travel without bed bugs.  They make hotels safe of bed bugs with new technology and list these hotels on their website so that travelers can find accommodation where they don't have to encounter bed bugs. 


Barcelona + Sostenible is a network of entities, companies and schools committed to the sustainability that collectively builds a responsible city of Barcelona. Each organization joins the Barcelona + Sostenible network by signing the Citizen Commitment for Sustainability 2012-2022 and contributes to the transformation of the city with its actions.

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